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Guide to FTP Server Replacement & Alternatives

Your FTP server is making your job harder. In fact, 57% of 421 sysadmins reported they waste 10 total hours on FTP storage and sharing issues weekly!

Upkeep concerns, permission headaches and clunky scripts are just a few reasons to ditch your FTP server — along with limited auditing and compliance nightmares.

Get our free guide to FTP replacement and learn why you should switch and what type of tool you should turn to.

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Since 2009, organizations with thousands of users have trusted SmartFile's expertise on FTP server replacement.

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Four Types of Intellectual Property

This in-depth article breaks down the four types of Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents.

Hidden Intellectual Property

Your formulas are obvious. But what other types of IP are sitting on your network? Can you protect or even audit this data post-breach?

What is IP Theft?

Your own negligence and ego can contribute to IP theft. Both insiders and outsiders are causing data-leaks that puts your IP at risk.

Protecting Your Creations

You'll learn about legal and technological ways to protect your data. You'll discover how important pre and post preach safeguards are and how to easily set them up.

Client Case Study: Med Institute Data & File Services

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For the last 30 years Med Institute has helped Cook Medical get its products to market by providing medical device testing, regulatory submission support and clinical study management.

Now they are offering our services to others. Some of the most notable companies in the life sciences industry are taking advantage of those services. Each client and project subsequently requires the transfer of very sensitive files. The files can range from intellectual property that is not for public consumption to dicom files containing PHI that require HIPAA compliance.

Med Institute needed a more secure and efficient way to collect those files. Implementing SmartFile provided a fully branded experience that let users easily interact and collect pertinent information from clients and partners. Since many of the resources involved in the process access content from a secure environment, it was important to have a solution that did not have java and did not require any plugins nor installs. Ease was also important. Audit, encryption separate from the application, secure access channels, interactive reports and granular permissions allowed IT to focus on ease, knowing compliance and governance were already addressed.

What Will You Get Out of This?

Inside and outside the office, FTP servers are used by human and non-human actors. Files are read, deleted, moved and copied by a variety of shared credentials. Overtime, FTP servers get overloaded and start consuming bandwidth and devouring storage resources.

This guide details some of the main points and details what you should be looking for in a self-hosted FTP server replacement.

You’ll learn how to save money and time by replacing your FTP server with a more complete solution.

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We're a global company and SmartFile helps us transfer files internally across countries. I like the logging, security features and the limited time access capabilities for files. It also ensures that files are traceable and sent securely and it's really easy to see who has access and who does not.
- Andrew Webster, Senior Systems Administrator, Chervon North America