Employee Termination Checklist

63% of data breaches come from internal sources -- including your exit procedures. Beef them up with this termination checklist for IT administrators

60% of employees who quit steal data or property.

Get your 64 item employee termination checklist that will help secure your company.

When employees leave your company, both voluntarily or involuntarily, there's a major IT risk because people are involved and emotions are high. This free employee termination checklist will help you identify security risks and concerns that occur both before and after an employee termination.

Key Areas Covered:

  1. Property & Equipment (Laptop, Cell Phones, etc...)

  2. Network Access (Logins, Accounts, Etc...)

  3. Website & Marketing Concerns

  4. On-going Security & Monitoring

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Employee Termination Checklist for IT

Did You Know?

Exiting and former employees steal

45% of exiting and former employees stole non-financial business documents and information.

39% of exiting and former employees stole customer documents and information.

16% of exiting and former employees stole financial company documents and information.

Don't Let Your Organization Become the Next Victim.
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